Books Written / Edited

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed working on many different kinds of books. These have ranged from coffee table books and wedding planners to novels, both fiction and non-fiction.

Here are some examples:

The Nutrilicious Kitchen 

This nutritional guide and recipe book was so much fun. The first-time author, Geraldine Robson-Parsons, is a doctor of homeopathy. She’s also currently qualifying as a professional chef, while juggling her organic gardening and dedication to all things flavoursome and delicious. Her passion was infectious and we loved working with her to proof, research and edit stunning recipes (and what kind of editors would we be if we didn’t sample a few?) and create content that is interesting and practical. This book is available via the Nutrilicious Kitchen website.

recipe book cover

A Fractured Land

A Fractured Land was published in 2018. Voxate proofread and edited the completed novel in preparation for its submission it to potential publishers. It was published by Literary Wanderlust, a Colorado-based house, and is available for sale via Amazon. This book is just the right combination of romance and suspense (there’s even a murder thrown into the mix), keeping the reader intrigued until the last page. Although the author, Melissa A Volker, is a first-time published author, her second book is already on its way to newly-dedicated fans, thanks to her elegant style and fantastic ability to spin a tale. Read this review for more information.

Book cover for editing and writing
A Fractured Land


Love Celebration

Love Celebration was a project for We researched, wrote, and edited the entire wedding planning aid; and worked together with some fantastic designers and photographers to achieve a classy, interactive planner. The client published this planner in 2012 and, although it is no longer available online, it was well received.

Writing and editing of wedding planner
Love Celebration – the handiest wedding planning file


Through My Lens

Through my Lens is a wildlife photography book that is perfect for the coffee table. It celebrates the simple beauty of South Africa, through the lens of Michael Sheehan. I love photography and was very happy to be part of refining the stories of the photographer, researching, fact-checking, and crafting this easy-to-read celebration of colour and light. We edited Through My Lens in 2011.


Coffee table book cover
Through My Lens by Michael Sheehan