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Our writing services are coupled with proofreading and editing of:

Website content and SEO (search engine optimisation) 

A major not-really-such-a-secret to a great website is awesome content. It’s what search engines look for and what users appreciate. It keeps people reading and lures them in, forging a relationship between them and your product or service. Well-researched, accurate and engaging content is paramount to how your website and brand are perceived.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) used to be about cramming the content with keywords and -phrases. There were cheats and tricks to get this to work, but these seldom added any value for the reader. Now, search engines are much more discerning. They read the content. Really read it. When a website is well written, search engines reward them by ranking them higher. This means higher traffic, which ultimately translates to more revenue.

Blog writing services

Blogs increase your search engine optimisation. SEO, in turn, gets your website seen and recognised. They’re also an important part of developing a better relationship with your customers as they tend to be a current, interactive and personal approach to relationship-building. Our writing services include the drafting of blogs with important SEO support to help you to achieve an optimal online presence.

Corporate documents and reports

We compile, edit and proofread training manuals, sales reports, presentations and more. In so doing, you ensure that your documents are accurate and easy to understand.

Novels, coffee table books, and short stories

We offer various services for authors and aspiring authors. These include planning, writing, editing and preparing the book for submission to publishing houses.

Translations (English / Afrikaans / Xhosa)

We handle the translation of documents and books across all three of these South African languages. Thus, you make your content accessible to a far broader spectrum of the market.

Press releases

Announce your new product or service to the resources that matter with an effective, professional press release.

Magazine articles

Whether an interview, practical guide or news piece, we create content in your voice and suited to your market.

Newspaper features

Newspapers are a fantastic way to target your local community. So, Voxate will create a targeted feature insert or piece to let them know about you, your product and your company.


Take advantage of this multifaceted approach to showcasing yourself, while maintaining a unique style and personal appeal.

Brochure writing services

Voxate works with designers to create brochures that are informative, beautiful and practical.

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    I’m looking to have someone write a biography of my grandmother. Would this be possible and how much would it cost?

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