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In light of my recent interview series with various South African authors, I recently contacted a publishing house with a few similar questions. Partridge Publishing is a publishing house that supports self-publishing and is operated by Penguin Random House. Representing Partridge, here’s what Keith Ogorek, Senior Vice President of Marketing (Author Solutions) had to say about getting published:


Keith Ogorek
Keith Ogorek

Thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions. Before I give you specific answers, I want to share with you a white paper that will give you context for my answers. It is called the 4 Paths to Publishing and it lays out the options available to authors today.

It will help you better understand my answers to your questions.

1. Why opt for a traditional publishing house?
If you refer to the 4 Paths white paper, you will see there are some advantages to traditional publishing. The first is their ability to curate and improve the content through their editors. The second is their relationship with bookstores and potential investment in print runs. The third is association with other well known authors.

And there are some drawbacks. You grant the rights to the content so you no longer have a final say in the content. You also do not have control of how fast the book gets to market.

2. What service do you offer? What are the advantages?
As a supported self-publishing company, we offer the widest range of services for writers who want to bring their books to market. This includes everything from editing and illustrations to print and ebook formatting to cover design to a full suite of marketing services, including publicity, online, events, and multimedia.

3. Can you give any indication re: the costs?
The investment that authors make is completely up to them. However, our publishing packages range from $399 to $5,999, before any promotional discount. It simply depends on the author’s goal and budget, and what services they need. Here is a link that shows the range of publishing packages and what is included. This is for black and white but we also offer color packages as well:

4. What advice do you have for those that want to get published? Where do they start?
This is a great question. I have provided a link to a post that provides 6 tips on how to fulfill your publishing resolution:

I also recommend that authors join The Author Learning Center. It is designed to help aspiring authors to reach their goal, no matter where they are on their journey. The How It Works link will give you a detailed explanation about the site.


Thank you to Mr Ogorek for these helpful links and insights.

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