SEO Trends for 2019

seo trend 2019

SEO trends change all the time. It’s a dynamic field of online content that can really work for you if you understand it. SEO responds to users, it evolves to be more thorough, and it develops to work for the end-user as well as for the product or service on offer.

So, if you want your SEO to work for your business and your users, you need to be open to change; willing to adapt.

Here are Five SEO Strategies That Will Help You to Earn Money From Your Website


1. Know and Understand Your Target Audience (Including Your Users)

Watch your stats and learn whether your users respond better to videos or podcasts; whether they like content with a personal tone or the more objective style; whether they prefer Instastories or live videos. In 2019, this information is integral to the success of your SEO and business.

More than just knowing what catches their eyes, you’ll need to learn what questions they ask, and what solution they expect and need. Then, you need to provide the solution in the simplest way.

Remember that your target audience may change over the years, as your business and product or service change. Keep on the ball. The ebst content and SEO mean nothing if they’re aimed at the wrong target audience.

The highest ranking websites of 2019 will be those that anticipate the needs of their target users and provide the solution.

In terms of actually implementing new SEO trends, this means shifting the focus from SEO techniques and onto valuable, original, useful content. In fact, this has been the case for a number of years. But, it’s never been more relevant and important as it is now.

2. SEO Is More Than Google

Users aren’t only searching on Google. They use other platforms, including apps. In 2019, we will all have to extend our research and attention across a much wider spectrum. You may need to rank highly in the search engines, app stores, and platforms where people search for podcasts, for example.

This also means optimising for various devices. In addition to phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops; there are now home assistants or audio services like Siri.

3. Exceptional Content is Still First Prize

In fact, the latest Google algorithm has shown that Google is actually honing in on good content to an even greater degree than before. Research has shown, according to SEO guru Eric Enge, that good quality content does exponentially better in the search engine rankings than sites with unprofessional content.

So, writing a blog for a blog’s sake just won’t cut it. You need to be churning out well-written, relevant content for it to rank and to matter. This is because no one wants to link to sub-par content. And, with no links and little information of worth, it’ll just get pushed down into the very deep, very dark abyss of the Internet.

It’s important to use language and terms that people understand and that motivates them to some kind of action.

Create content that solves a problem and engages your users. Create content that makes them feel something.

4. Learn, Learn, Learn

The more you keep up with trends and improve your knowledge and skills; the more authority you’ll have in your field and the more trustworthy your site will be. In fact, this is something that the algorithms are built to detect. A website with superior expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T in Google’s search quality rating guidelines) will rank higher. This is just another testament to how crucial excellent content is.

This might mean hiring people in the know to write your content or, at least, contribute to it.

5. Implement On-page Optimisation

On-page SEO tactics include:

– Meta tags
– Body / heading tags
– Keyword density
– Image SEO
– Internal links
– Page title
– URL structure

Other useful tactics include answering the most commonly asked user questions immediately and clearly, making the online purchasing process easy and safe, ensuring that customer queries are handled quickly and efficiently, and considering using chatbots to answer the most common questions.


There’s no quick fix or cheat sheet to ranking well in the search engines. This year is all about great, useful content that is well structured. At Voxate, we understand and implement these techniques to give your site the best chance of ranking well.

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