The Joys of Freelancing

I have worked for companies and agencies; good bosses and not-great ones (ah, a blog post in its own right). But, even when I am in my most generous and nostalgic mood, there really is nothing that compares to freelancing. I’m dedicating my Friday post to all of the reasons that I love to freelance:

  • I can work anywhere, any time. This actually means that I usually work longer hours than I did when I was employed, but at least it’s in a coffee shop overlooking the beach or while watching a DVD on my oversized couch.
  • Although I have almost never refused work or a client, the fact remains that I could.
  • I get to deal with clients directly and in the way that I prefer. I don’t have to cover up for anyone else’s mistakes or disinterest.
  • I can wear my PJ’s ALL DAY LONG, if I choose to.
  • If I want to have an 11th cup of coffee, there is no judgement.
  • I get to make money for myself, and the money I make is proportional to the effort that I put in.
  • Many of my clients have become great friends.
  • There is so much variety and fun in my job, which I feel is largely due to the flexibility I have as a freelancer.
  • People are paying me by the hour for my skill. This feels great as I know that they recognise the value of what I do.
  • I don’t have to ask for time off. Although I have responsibilities to my clients, which I take very seriously, I can decide to take a long weekend any time I want (although I usually end up feeling bad and working on a Saturday, but the principle remains valid).
  • There is quite a supportive freelance community in South Africa, in which the individuals are generally willing to help one another with advice, warnings and tips.

If you are considering freelancing, there is plenty to think about. The pressures of making all of your own money can be quite stressful at times. However, when weighed against the benefits, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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