120 Awesome Blog Topic Ideas!

Blog topics are like a child with a cold. When you’re ready for them, armed with tissues, and watching them closely, they’re as dry as the Sahara. Nothing but flushed cheeks and doe-eyed smiles. But the moment you’re driving and they’re strapped in just beyond the reach of your arm, they sneeze a whopper.

This is the parallel (I realise my train of thought can be a little oblique) – when you’re at your keyboard, having made the time and space to belt out a blog, your brain can, like those sinuses, appear as dry as the desert. But, when you’re driving, sleeping, or sitting through the longest board meeting of your life, your brain is like a carnival of new blog topic ideas. Topics you absolutely can’t write down at that very moment.

So, when you’re in the heart of the Inspiration Desert, here are some top blog topic ideas to break the dry spell:

Travel Blog Topic Ideas

  1. How To Travel With Only a Carry-on
  2. Keep Busy on a Long-Haul Flight
  3. 10 Tips on Being a Good Guest / Host
  4. What to Wear in  ______________
  5. Best Places to Travel With a Pet
  6. The Top 5 Beaches on ______________ That Aren’t Overrun With Tourists
  7. The Basics For Any Suitcase
  8. The Most Overrated Cities / Restaurants / Shows in ____________________
  9. My Favourite Travel Blogs and Why
  10. 10 Freelance Jobs to do While Travelling
  11. Budget-Friendly Destinations in _________________
  12. Top 8 Destinations for Women Travelling Alone
  13. Accommodation Review
  14. Destinations for Travellers With Disabilities
  15. A photo blog of a destination that you visited
Travel blog topic ideas
Camps Bay and Lion’s Head Mountain in Cape Town

Fashion Blog Topic Ideas

  1. Getting This Season’s Hottest Looks on a Budget
  2. What to Pack for a Weekend Away
  3. How to Take The Best OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) Photos
  4. What to Wear to a Job Interview
  5. Best Dresses / Jeans / Bathing Costumes For Curvy / Tall / Short / Skinny Girls (or Guys)
  6. Three Looks for One Pair of Shoes
  7. The Season’s Top Earring Picks
  8. What’s New in My Wardrobe?
  9. Workout Gear That Can Double as a Day Look
  10. Szhoozh Up Your Jeans
  11. Wardrobe Essentials
  12. My Favourite Sale Items
  13. Fashion Blogs I Love
  14. What I Wore This Week
  15. 10 Tips For Shopping For Good Deals


Food Blog Topic Ideas

  1. Restaurant reviews
  2. Our Family Recipe for ____________
  3. Lazy Meal Ideas
  4. The Best Cultural Meals in _____________
  5. The Easiest Meal to Make For a Big Dinner Party
  6. My Story – Why I Love Blogging About Food
  7. A Day in The Life of My Family – a Food Diary
  8. Interview a well-known foodie
  9. Why Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Boring or Blah
  10. The Benefits of Kale / Caffeine / Avocados
  11. Our Favourite Snacks
  12. Share a failed recipe with amusing pics
  13. How to Photograph Food Well
  14. Try and review a new product
  15. How to Make a Foolproof Omelette / Scone / Yorkshire Pudding


Mom Blog Topic Ideas

  1. My Parenting Fail
  2. A Small Family Victory
  3. Our Top 10 Apps to Keep Kids Busy on a Roadtrip
  4. Interview a paediatrician / teacher / nanny
  5. How to Explain Sex / Divorce / Death to Your Child
  6. My Parenting Bucket List
  7. Top Holiday Destinations for Families with Small Children
  8. Crafts for Toddlers / Tweens / Teens
  9. Cooking for Fussy Kids
  10. A Letter to My Children
  11. Comment on a recent news story that’s relevant to parents and families
  12. Before and After (a bedroom makeover, weight loss, or a new make-up look)
  13. Movies For Children Under 10
  14. Write about a problem your family is facing at the moment
  15. Getting Through The School Holidays on a Tight Budget

Wedding Blog Topic Ideas

  1. A Comprehensive To-Do List for Wedding Planners
  2. Tips For Gorgeous Wedding Photographs
  3. Questions to Ask Your Suppliers
  4. An Eating / Sleeping / Beauty / Fitness Regime to Implement For Your Big Day
  5. DIY Decor For Your Wedding
  6. How Friends Can Help You to Plan Your Wedding
  7. How to Choose a Dress For Your Body Shape
  8. Share photos and experiences from a wedding that you loved
  9. 50 Must-Have Songs to Play
  10. Interview brides about what they’d do differently if they got the opportunity to plan another wedding
  11. Modern vs. Traditional Weddings
  12. What Not to Do When Planning Your Wedding
  13. 10 Hottest Wedding Venues in _______________
  14. Why You Need a Professional Photographer
  15. Questions to Ask Your Caterer / DJ / Venue

Entertainment Blog Post Ideas

  1. The Top 10 Theatres / Cinemas in _______________
  2. Where to Enjoy the Best Pizza / Enchiladas / Lamb Shank
  3. Romantic Restaurants With a View in _____________
  4. Planning the Ultimate Boys’ / Girls’ Night Out
  5. My Favourite Movie Quotes / Song Lyrics
  6. Top 100 Movies For Drama Queens
  7. The Best Screen-to-Stage Productions Of All Time
  8. 20 Classics You Must Read Before You Die
  9. Write about the time that you met a celebrity
  10. Feature a new local artist (interview them, if possible)
  11. Compile a suggested road trip / wedding / summer holiday playlist
  12. My Oscar Predictions (or apply this to another well-known award)
  13. The Scoop on Virtual Reality
  14. My Workout Apps
  15. Review a national or international event that you attended

Business Blog Topic Ideas

  1. My 12 Favourite Business-Centric TED Talks
  2. How to Transition to Working From Home
  3. Turn a good testimonial from a client into a full blog post, with permission from your client
  4. Tips on How to Ask For a Raise
  5. Current Industry Trends
  6. Is there a news story that affects your business? Discuss it, including pros and cons
  7. My 10 Favourite Business Bloggers  and Why
  8. Review a business-related product
  9. Do a link roundup
  10. Books You Should Read Before Starting Your Own Business
  11. Explain your product / service and what sets it apart
  12. Frequently Asked Questions
  13. Create an infographic
  14. A Day in The Life of a ______________
  15. Report on an industry conference that you attended

Beauty Blog Topic Ideas

  1. Choosing the Perfect Foundation / Highlighter / Lipstick for Your Complexion
  2. Hairstyles With Minimal Upkeep
  3. How to Make Your Own Face Mask
  4. The Hottest Affordable Versions of Expensive Brands
  5. Review of a product you tried
  6. How to Contour / Wing Your Eyeliner
  7. Upstyles for Shorter Hair
  8. DIY Anti-Frizz
  9. Organic Products That Work
  10. The Latest Beauty Trends
  11. How to Achieve The “No Make-up” Look
  12. Foundations With SPF
  13. How to Fight Acne / Oily Skin
  14. The Lowdown on Permanent Make-up
  15. What’s in My Beauty Box?


Whether you use these particular topics, or tweak them to suit your audience or blog, they’ll be helpful in getting the creativity flowing. Comment with a link to your blog, if you used any of these suggestions.

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