What Makes a Good Blog Great?

How to write a great blog

With hundreds of millions of blogs floating around the Internet, it’s crucial that you set yours apart if you want to get noticed. A good blog is about (MUCH) more than being a sounding board or a platform to vent your opinions. It’s about knowing your market and solving a problem for them. That’s all any successful blog is really about – finding a problem and solving it.

But, like anything, blogs go through phases and fads. Keep up with these trends to ensure that you don’t end up on the blog-backburner.



Make sure that who you are and what you’re about appears on the screen right away. That means that the user shouldn’t have to scroll down to see the essentials, nor should they have to navigate to an About Us page.


how to write a great blog
Problogger’s above-the-fold home page tells you everything you need to know, where you need to start, and what you can expect to find, without having to go anywhere. Not even down.



You don’t have to be the greatest photographer but put effort into the images you use for your blog posts. Featured images should be of a great quality. Consider commissioning a talented friend to take some stock photos for you, or use free stock photo resources. But, don’t try to pass off fuzzy, dark, backgrounds-full-of-dirty-laundry pictures if you want your blog to look great.


Use professional photographs for a great blog
The Pretty Blog uses loads of white space and seriously gorgeous photos to entice the reader without a word (practically).



Avoid clutter by making the most use out of white space. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the space actually has to be white. It’s just the difference between loads of stuff to see and read versus a simple, clean layout that steers the eye exactly where it needs to go.


Good blog design with white space
I love the simplicity and space of Judith Belle’s photography website. You know where to look and how to start navigating immediately.




Nothing beats well-written content with a focus on SEO. Don’t plagiarise, don’t regurgitate. Just invest time into original, interesting, useful content. Well-established online giants, like SA-Venues.com, don’t skimp on great quality content because they know that its worth is practically priceless. Even their more conversational blogs are well-researched and meticulously crafted.



Remember that people finding your blog may not yet know what they’re looking for or at. Guide them. Simplify your tabs and categories, and keep the design simple.


A good blog steers the user to take action
Ramit from I Will Teach You To Be Rich immediately directs the viewer to take the quiz that will, no doubt, prove that you need his skills.


A good blog is real, authentic and relevant to your market. In a world where users are flooded by visual input, make your blog stand out by implementing these easy tactics.

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