Writing Prompts to Light The Proverbial Fire Under The Proverbial Bottom

Blogging is delightfully strange. It’s kind of a diary, kind of a professional sphere, kind of a ranting platform, kind of a tutorial. It’s overwhelming, personal, and the most public place you can be. No pressure.

So, when you’re out of ideas or need to streamline the millions of thoughts in your head and refine them into workable posts, have a look at some of these blogspirations (I thought I just made that up until I Googled it). You could write about:

  1. A lesson you learnt the hard way.
  2. A list of the best blogs / blog posts you’ve read in the past week (include links).
  3. The moment you knew it was over.
  4. The assumptions people make about you.
  5. How you conquered a fear / challenge.
  6. The kindness of strangers.
  7. The person that had the greatest impact on your life.
  8. A book that changed you.
  9. What your first job taught you.
  10. A moment with a stranger and what you could’ve / should’ve done differently.
  11. What you do when you’re feeling uninspired.
  12. Health tips that have worked for you.
  13. Something that scares you.
  14. Something you lost that you’ll never get back.
  15. What happened when you left your comfort zone.
  16. The tools, apps and resources that you can’t live without.
  17. A list of who to follow on social media and why (with links).
  18. “What people are saying about…” (link to a good article or two).
  19. What you gained by taking a risk.
  20. One of your goals and your plan to get there.
  21. Photo montages of your family/home renovations/hometowns, etc…
  22. A short story or novella.
  23. A tutorial on something you’re confident you do well. Even better, videos make it easier to understand.
  24. A step-by-step guide to…
  25. How to make the best… (Margarita/burger/spaghetti).
  26. Interview someone influential in your niche or an industry leader.
  27. 10 things to consider before you start a book/renovate a house/enrol in a course/etc…
  28. Things I’d never do again if I had a do-over.
  29. Critique a recent book or movie.
  30. A list of the best things that ever happened to you.

That’s a starter; a blogging idea hors dóuvre, if you like. I plan to use some of these myself. Soon.

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